A Grant Initiated Program

MU-ADEPT, initiated by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) trains residents and other health care professionals to provide SBIRT services in general health care settings.

Training is not complete without clinical practice and that requires settings where SBIRT is supported. Hence, a corollary objective is to cultivate the organizational infrastructure – leadership, faculty and operational capacity – to support SBIRT services.

With a focus on developing and integrating SBIRT training into the curriculum for MU medical residencies and other training programs in the areas of medicine, social work, and nursing, MU-ADEPT provides training to community healthcare providers through collaborative work with key partners and other SBIRT initiatives including:


Reduce alcohol and drug misuse for a healthier and safer Missouri.


Make screening and prevention for substance misuse as common and routine in healthcare as taking blood pressures and treating for hypertension.

The ADEPT Team

MU-ADEPT is a broad based initiative with leadership and direction from a Council of SBIRT leaders from the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Social Work at the University of Missouri – Columbia.

Dan Vinson, MD, MPH, Department of Family and Community Medicine, and Bruce Horwitz, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, served as Project Co-Directors on the grant. Deb Sprague, MA, of the Missouri Institute of Mental Health (MIMH) was Evaluation Director and Project Manager. Martha Lerch of MIMH, served as Administrative and Evaluation Assistant. Inquiries, email: adept@missouri.edu.